Monday, November 7, 2011

And they're off...

Wow - I thought I was busy before???

So, I "unofficially" launched my photography business around October 15th.  I have had 6 photo shoots (four families and two headshots (one modeling, one business)).  Whoa!  Hence my blog title, "And they're off...".  I have four more scheduled in the next week and two for early December already!

AND, I have two holiday trunk shows (one at butters&beans and one at Pomegranate Designs) for tootyfruitymonkeyluv.  AND, I have TONS of holiday hair accessory orders, Etsy is hoppin' and I am designing the window displays at butters&beans kids ( ;) K - I need a nap.  JK - let's go!!

Thank you all for being supportive!  Just for being awesome - if you follow my blog and make a comment below (any comment at all) - you could win a newborn headband with free shipping ($16 value).  This would make a great holiday gift :)

Here are a few shots from recent shoots - aren't they cute???  Just love my clients - they are all soo sweet!

Once again - thanks for stopping - and remember... shop local and support those small businesses in your community!  butters&beans kid is an excellent way to support local stores and find very unique and adorable presents for you little ones (clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, blankets, hats and more!).   Also, if you are already at Woodbury Lakes, you might as well stop by Elodie!  Elodie is a super trendy and cute boutique with vintage inspired clothing, jewelery, hats and hair accessories.  They are currently carrying my women's line!  I seriously want to buy everything in that store!

Woodbury Lakes shopping center is having a holiday event on November 19th from 4pm to 9pm.  There will be sleigh rides, Santa, fireworks and great deals at some of the shops).  I will be there from 4pm to 9pm at butters&beans kids so please stop by and bring the kiddos!!

So places to visit after reading this amazing ( :) ) blog post:!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

ashley anne photography and tootyfruitymonkeyluv UPDATE!

So excited to announce that I have unofficially launched the photography side of my business.  After 14 years of being totally and absolutely in love with photography I have gone for it!  I am doing portfolio shoots right now for a discounted price and I am keeping very busy (started last few weeks and have done 3 shoots already and have 3 more lined up!).  I will be showcasing some of my photography below :)

tootyfruitymonkeyluv is doing amazing - my kids line is now at butters&beans Kids boutique ( and women's line is at Elodie boutique (  I will be doing a Holiday trunk show at butters&beans November 19th at Woodbury Lakes and at Pomegranate Designs ( on December 8th (also in Woodbury)!  Woohoo!

Most people think I am crazy with three kids under 7, but I call it motivation to create a better life for them and us!  In addition, it gives me a lot of pride knowing I have created two successful businesses that will continue to grow with continued dedication!  Think about if I had some sort of daycare???

So first, I will start with a few photos of some of my best sellers over at at butters&beans - definitely my kids and newborn headbands!  I also wanted to show you a newborn halo I custom made for them :)

 Newborn Halo - great photography prop!

 Kids Headbands - very unique!

Newborn Headbands - best sellers (LOVE custom orders hint hint :)

Now onto ashley anne photography - here are a few photos from my first few sessions :)  Hope you likey!  Oh, and the first one is of my 4 month old baby girl - the sweetest baby ever!  LOVE her and can't believe she is already over 4 months!  You can click on the actual pictures to see them larger.

My Presley :)

Jeanne and MacKenzie White

Matt, Nichole, Maren and Lilly Sletten

Gorgeous Headshots of Ms. Madi K

Thanks for looking - have a great weekend and Halloweenie!  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This and that...

So today is NOT a good day for me.  I feel like crapola for the third day in a row and I am still amazed at how inconsiderate and rude people can actually be.  What, did you not listen to your momma when she said "treat others as you would want to be treated!".  Some people just don't get it...   Anywho.

Okay, I am over that - so on to updates and how life is going these days (which is very opposite than today).

Life is good - Presley is now almost 13 weeks old!  Damn - time really does fly.  She is smiling, almost laughing, and is the most content wonderful baby in the whole world.  And I am not going to lie - right now as I am writing this, she is watching Super Why! (yes, Mother of the Year)  We adore her.

London started PRESCHOOL!  My baby started school Tuesdays and Thursdays and she LOVES it.  We were walking her into her class the first day and she looked at jason and i and said "I am SO excited right now guys".  It was ADORABLE. 

Zoe is doing amazing in school.  She has already received about 6 good behavior tickets, a Super Student Award and the teacher called me personally to tell me how well she is doing.  We are very proud of her - she takes school very seriously and just loves to learn! 

Both Zoe and London started Sunday school last week - London's first year and she loves it.  Zoe is also in the "Mouse" choir at church.  She gets to practice once a week and performs in the church once a month.  :) 

Jason is still rockin' (or choppin' - yes, i am a major dork) at work - he comes up with the most amazing specials and truly loves what he does.  Him and I celebrated 6 years of marriage end of August!  Also, for his birthday, my parents got him tickets to see his all time favorite band - Foo Fighters.  We had a wonderful 25 hours without the children :) 

As for me, Tuesday I unfortunately had to throw a going away party for one of my best friends.  Jenny and I met at MPS 4 years ago and I am truly going to miss her!  She is moving to the home of the Packers (that is Green Bay, WI if you are not lucky enough to be a fan ;) ).  We will definitely be visiting (Jason already has his bags packed). 

Since I am DONE having children (seriously - not a happenin') I have started my body transformation/diet/tanning routine this week!  I plan on losing the last 10 baby pounds and then maybe another 20/30 by Christmasish time (at least 20).  I have been tanning (safely, mom) and I am now on a strict low carb diet.  My body right now is in a WT Heck mode... Yesterday I actually thought I was dying. 

Wednesday I am throwing an open house for tootyfruitymonkeyluv :)  I am very excited because not only do I get to see all my friends at the same time, but I get to show everyone my Fall/Winter line!  The few summer pieces I have left over will be very discounted! 

So many fun things going on in the Kolodzek household!  Now that we have a little bit of a set schedule and Presley doesn't eat every three minutes ;0, I should be able to get back on track with creating new pieces, contacting local boutiques, sales/marketing and everything else! 

On a side note, if you are ever at Woodbury Lakes - stop by butters&beans kids (!  She has the most adorable cloths and also has several of my pieces there!  My layered ribbon headbands, kids headbands, alligator clips and newborn headbands are flying off the shelves!  I have posted a picture below of my last bunch that headed over to the store :)  They are always a little different!

As always, have a fantabulous week - promise to post more often! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Easy Casual Hippie Headband Made by YOU!

Okay, short little post today, but I want to post a picture of me wearing a super cute hippie headband that I made in uh, 2 mins the other day :0 

Pick three different type of fun fabrics, nylony material, thick fun thread type material (like shown on me) and measure your head - add about 1/2 to 3/4 inch to the actual fabric you use (unless it is stretchy), braid and tie at the end.  Voila!  New fun trendy hippie headband :) 

Here is a pic of me wearing my fun turquoise headband :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hippie Headbands and Digital Photography!

Okay, today I am writing about my two favorite things to do right now (okay, my husband may say obsessions, BUT...). 

PRODUCT - I am really into my hippie headband Fall line which has buttons, feathers, beautifully colored layered flowers (think oranges, chocolate browns, golden yellows) and are modeled by beautiful Madi K, who happens to be my BFF and my model :) 

PHOTOGRAPHY - In addition, I have been working very hard on brushing up on my technical skills in digital photography.  As many of you know, photography is and has been a HUGE love of mine (besides food and wine :0) for some time now and I believe in the next year I will be confident enough to launch that part of my business (and then the next year graphic and web design upon completion of my degree!!!).  SO many exciting things in the future! 

PERSONAL - Things are going very well for us right now - Jason and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday (how times files and families grow!), I have been busy doing several bridal and non-bridal custom orders, have semi-updated my Etsy shop and my line is doing very well at the children's boutique here in town (butters&beans - check it out at :)  My line there consists of korker bows, tuxedo bows, funky clips, alligator clips, bobby pins (small and large), hippie headbands, children's headbands, newborn headbands and burp cloths!  If you are in the cities you NEED to check it out!

If anyone tells you that raising three children (and trying to run a business) is easy - they are lying.  Seriously.

Here are some pics of some of my new headbands, a bridal piece and some photos I took of Zoe and London that I am super psyched about (had to include the one of Presley, but by no means is it Professional material) :). You can click on the pics to enlarge...

Bridal Piece Includes Genuine Vintage Center!

Thanks for reading!  Have a fantabulous night :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes, I am still alive... :)

Hello everyone!  Okay, yes, it has been 1 month since my last post, but in my defense - life has been CRAZY! So, yes, I am still alive and doing well :)

We had our little baby girl Presley Joleen Kolodzek on June 25th - we absolutely ADORE her - she is beautiful, sweet and probably the BEST baby ever!  No joke... and she smiled at me three times today (for the first time that wasn't gas relief ha!). 

So, no big post today other than to show off the little diva.  She had a rough week last week with a 101 fever and two days at Children's Hospital, but she is okay and we know that she is perfectly healthy after TONS of blood and urine tests! 

So, here are a few pics...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy, Chillin' - WHERE'S BABY???

Hello everyone!  Sorry it has been so long (even longer than usual!)...

I am currently around 39 weeks pregnant and pretty freakin' tired!  The past month has been pure chaos and I may be exhausted beyond belief, but it has been a really fun month!  I am going to break it down (very short and sweet - my style right now) :)

First, my step-son, who is the sweetest boy and best big brother ever turned 13!!!  We can't believe he is a teenager!  Here is a picture of his tiny little birthday celebration at our house :)  Once our weather stabilizes (if it ever does) Jason is going to bring him for a lunch and golf day for his birthday!

Second, no pictures unfortunately, but I had my new business open house (at my house).  My hubby made fantastic food (of course!) and although it was a little cold, we had fun (and the punch was a huge hit, not sure why??? lol).  We had butters&beans there (the cutest most adorable organic baby clothes ever! - seriously, check it out at, Nichole Sletten with her graphic design (she designed my logo!!), fine art and super soft and adorable baby slings ( and Madikins (Madi K) was there with her beautiful knit creations (if interested in awesome beautiful knit scarves let me know)!

THEN, Tooty Fruity had her 7th Bday party!  It turned out wonderful - she had about 8 friends there and we had a Butterfly Ball.  I will be doing a seperate post for both her and Monkey's parties with ideas on decorations, cake, games and more, but here is a quick picture of the goofy gang :)

We had a Monkey party for little Monkey (her 3rd birthday).  This party was about 5 kids and lots o' family/friends and was really fun (and a little more laid back!).  She was kinda overwhelmed, but had a blast.  She is not really an attention seeker, so she seemed a little freaked at first.  Grandma and Grandpa got her a sand/water table and that was a HUGE hit!  Highly recommend!  I have no pictures yet (I told you I am lazy right now!) but will also be doing a blog post on her party with decorations, ideas, games and more :)  Well, I just have to include a picture of Monkey anyway, so here you go :)

Lastly, we had Father's Day and my father (and my mom) cooked us a FEAST!  We had smoked ribs, chicken, beans, corn on the cob, bread and potatoes!  SO GOOD!!  Here are some pics of my dad busy with his cooking (he bought a new smoker/grill!), and some randoms with my new camera!

Other big news!!!  My grandparents and parents put cash towards my new Nikon D3100 camera and accessories!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I am in love with my new camera and I am actually treating it like a newborn at this point.  I got the camera, a zoom lens, filters, memory card, tripod and awesome backpack!  So excited to not be pregnant and huge so I can try it out!  
My plans in the next year are to continue to grow my current business of hair accessories, burp clothes, digital photography and incorporate my photography and graphic design business (and trying to convince my mom to start a kids clothing line with retro/vintage prints)!!!  So excited!  I start my Graphic/Web Design classes on July 4th and I am SOO close to starting my photography (building up portfolio with my family and friends kid's!) :)  5 years down the line, a store with all of these services offered!  OMG - that would be amazing!

And the best news of all is that we will be welcoming our little baby girl on Saturday afternoon (if not before)!!!  We can't wait to meet our little angel!  :)