Monday, November 7, 2011

And they're off...

Wow - I thought I was busy before???

So, I "unofficially" launched my photography business around October 15th.  I have had 6 photo shoots (four families and two headshots (one modeling, one business)).  Whoa!  Hence my blog title, "And they're off...".  I have four more scheduled in the next week and two for early December already!

AND, I have two holiday trunk shows (one at butters&beans and one at Pomegranate Designs) for tootyfruitymonkeyluv.  AND, I have TONS of holiday hair accessory orders, Etsy is hoppin' and I am designing the window displays at butters&beans kids ( ;) K - I need a nap.  JK - let's go!!

Thank you all for being supportive!  Just for being awesome - if you follow my blog and make a comment below (any comment at all) - you could win a newborn headband with free shipping ($16 value).  This would make a great holiday gift :)

Here are a few shots from recent shoots - aren't they cute???  Just love my clients - they are all soo sweet!

Once again - thanks for stopping - and remember... shop local and support those small businesses in your community!  butters&beans kid is an excellent way to support local stores and find very unique and adorable presents for you little ones (clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, blankets, hats and more!).   Also, if you are already at Woodbury Lakes, you might as well stop by Elodie!  Elodie is a super trendy and cute boutique with vintage inspired clothing, jewelery, hats and hair accessories.  They are currently carrying my women's line!  I seriously want to buy everything in that store!

Woodbury Lakes shopping center is having a holiday event on November 19th from 4pm to 9pm.  There will be sleigh rides, Santa, fireworks and great deals at some of the shops).  I will be there from 4pm to 9pm at butters&beans kids so please stop by and bring the kiddos!!

So places to visit after reading this amazing ( :) ) blog post:!

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